Apartment Safety and Single Women

Are you a single woman? If yes, there’s a good chance that you live alone in your apartment. Unfortunately, your cat doesn’t count. While this setup is good for your independence, it’s something that a lot of criminals target. If you’re a woman and you’re living alone, you’re a highly-attractive target of rapists, burglars and everyday criminals.

What can you do?

Since you’re a target right now, you have to implement security measures that will make you less of a target. You have to make criminals think that you’re not an easy target. If they want to come to your house and commit a crime on you, they would need to jump through hoops and this means more risk for them. Most criminals don’t like unnecessary risks so they’ll just move on to an easier target. This is your goal.

Of course, there are also cases wherein no amount of locks can keep your attacker out. Maybe he’s your stalker or he’s targeting you for a reason. Take this into consideration when ensuring your safety in your apartment. Here are the things that you can do in addition to installing locks:

· Install security cameras.

Security cameras are great deterrents. If they know that you have security cameras installed, there’s a good chance that they won’t push through with their plans since no one wants to be on the 6 o’clock news. In addition, security cameras can serve as evidence against your attacker if he decides to push through with the crime.

· Install security alarms.

A security alarm can notify you, your neighbors and the police if someone breaks into your home. You can bet that the criminal will scamper away once he hears the piercing screams of your alarm.

· Get a dog.

Imagine having a bodyguard at home, but with sharper claws and fangs. In addition, a dog can also serve as an additional security alarm to warn you of potential troubles.

· Learn self-defense.

You don’t need to train as if you’re training for the Olympics. You just have to know enough self-defense to ensure that you can get away from any sticky situation so you can ask for help. There are a lot of simple moves that you can learn that can help you defend yourself.

· Arm yourself with self-defense gadgets.

As a last resort, it’s a good idea if you can depend on self-defense gadgets like pepper sprays and stun guns. Have one by your bedside table and be prepared against criminals.

Do these things and you’re not that attractive as a target anymore. You can live life with the peace of mind knowing that you’re safe.